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My paintings are graphic and colorful, they depict designs for decoration, which can live with you, from my home to your home.  I hope you’ll write and inquire, prices are affordable and I’m in constant production, so get in touch!  My ArtBiz is taking off, and you can join me now,  and find some original art, before you have to campaign for an appointment!

Oil and watercolor are my preferred tools.  My degree is from the Rhode Island School of Design, BFA , IL.  I believe my paintings have a universal appeal, and can translate into many environments including your accent wall!  They are all ART TO LIVE WITH!  These paintings can be used for home furnishings, or for an office or corporate setting.  The ocean plays a large part of their spirit!

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Paintings by Laura Merrick

Email: lm@paintingsbylauramerrick.com

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