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I have been painting since I was a child.  I prefer oil, and watercolor.  The watercolors evolved into greeting card only medium, although I did a lot of larger ones in college.  And the oils became the PAINTINGS!  I believe they have a universal appeal, which belongs on any accent wall as a home furnishing, or could be used in an office or corporate setting. It is Art to Live With, and the Ocean plays a large part of their spirit.   

The PAINTINGS are graphic, and colorful, they depict designs for decoration, which can live with you, from my home to your home. I hope you will write and inquire, prices are affordable and I am in constant production, so get in touch!  My ArtBiz is taking baby steps, and you can join me now; find some original art, before you have to campaign for an appointment!

Love & Peace,           

Laura Larsen Merrick








Paintings by Laura Merrick

Email: lm@paintingsbylauramerrick.com

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